jeudi 13 septembre 2007

Le Questionnaire Hite sur la Sexualité


1. Is having sex important to you? What part does it play in your life and what does it mean to you?

2. Do you have orgasms? If not what do you think would contribute to your having them?

3. Is having orgasms important to you? Would you enjoy sex as much without having them? Does having good sex have anything to do with having orgasms?

4. In most of your sexual encounters, do(es) your orgasm(s) usually occur during cunnilingus, manual clitoral masturbation, intercourse or other activity. Which of these activities lead to orgasm? How often?

5. Could you describe what an orgasm feels like to you during the build-up? Just before the orgasm? During the climax? After?

6. Is having orgasms somewhat of a concentrated effort? Did you have to learn how to orgasm? Did they become better or easier for you with practice?

7. Is one orgasm sexually satisfying to you? If not, how many? How many orgasms are you capable of and how many do you usually want during masturbation? Intercourse? Clitoral stimulation with a partner? Cunnilingus?

8. Do your thoughts and emotions affect your desire for orgasm? How?

9. If you are just about to have an orgasm and then don’t because of withdrawal of stimulation or some similar reason, do you feel frustrated? Hw do you feel? When does this tend to happen?

10. How often do you desire sex? Do you actively seek it?

11. How important are physical affection and touching for their own sakes ( not leading to orgasm, not even necessarily to sex)? Do you do as much of them as you would like?

12. What do you think is the importance of masturbation? (I almost said «to be a substitute for sex») Did you ever see anyone else masturbating? (guys) How did they look? Can you imagine women you admire masturbating?

13. Do you enjoy masturbating? Physically? Psychologically? How often? Does it lead to orgasm usually, sometimes, rarely or never? How long does it take? Do you prefer masturbation or the same activity with a partner?

14. How do you masturbate? Please give a detailed description. For example, what do you use for stimulation – your fingers or hand or a vibrator or sheets…etc – What kinds of motion do you make- circular or up and down, etc? Where do you touch or rub yourself? Does it matter hat your legs are together or apart? Do you move very much? Etc..

15. Do you practice clitoral stimulation with your partner? How? Does it lead you to orgasm usually, sometimes, rarely or never?

16. Do you enjoy cunnilingus (oral sex)? Is it oral-clitoral or oral-vaginal or both? Does it lead to orgasm usually, sometimes, rarely or never? What do you like or dislike about cunnilingus?

17. Do you like vaginal penetration/intercourse? Physically? Psychologically? Does it lead to an orgasm usually, sometimes, rarely or never? Did you have to learn to orgasm during intercourse, or did you always have them?

18. If you have orgasms during vaginal penetration/intercourse, how long does it usually take? Do you prefer the penetrating object, or penis to hold still or move? Is any accompanying stimulus necessary to reach orgasm? What is it and how do you achieve it?

19. What kinds of movement do you like to make during penetration to increase your stimulation – soft or hard, pressing to the back or front, using complex or partial penetration, or any other technique? Which positions do you find stimulating? Does the size or shape of the penis or penetrating object matter to you? Do you use vaginal or other muscles to help you achieve orgasm?

20. Do you ever have any physical discomfort during intercourse? Do you usually have adequate lubrication? Do you sometimes feel less excited the longer intercourse continues?

21. Is the emotional and psychological relationship more important during penetration than other forms of sex? What is your emotional reaction to penetration?

22. Is it easier for you to have an orgasm by clitoral stimulation is not in progress? If you had to chose between intercourse and clitoral stimulation by your partner, which would you pick? Why? Do orgasms with penetration feel different from orgasms without penetration?

23. How important is what you do to the other person for your own stimulation?

24. Do you fantasize during sex? If so, is it to help bring on an orgasm, or just in general? Exactly what fantasies do you have? What activities are involved?

25. Does erotic art or pornography stimulate you? Which kinds and what activities? Would you prefer some other kinds of erotica that you have seen?

26. Do you ever have a feeling of power during sex? When? How does it feel? Is it exciting or frightening or what? What are your feelings toward your partner and yourself at such times?

27. Do you have a feeling of powerlessness or submission, or wanting to be taken during sex? When? How does it feel? Do you enjoy it and what are your feelings at the time?

28. What part do your emotions and relationship play in sex in general? Do you like unemotional, casual sex encounters? Do most your sexual relationships start out being basically physical or basically emotional? Is it different with men and women?

29. Do you often feel your partner is not emotionally involved during sex? Or, what emotional responses do you most often feel from your partner? Are these usually different with men and women?

30. What type of person usually attracts you? Are there certain physical or personality traits you often find attractive?

31. What have your deepest relationships have been like, with both men and women? How were they satisfying or unsatisfying, both physically or emotionally?

32. Ideally, what kind of relationship would you like to have with a sexual partner?

33. If you have ever experienced something called love, which emotions were involved? Was it or were they a healthy or unhealthy relationship? How did these relationship affect sex?

34. How often do I desire sex? Do you actively seek sex?

35. What is it about sex that gives you the greatest pleasure? Displeasure?

36. Are most your partners sensitive to the stimulation you want? If not, do you ask for it or act yourself to get it? Is this embarrassing?

37. Do you ever find it necessary to masturbate to achieve orgasm after «making love»?

38. Have you ever been afraid to say «no» to someone for fear of turning them off? If so, how did you feel during sex? Afterwards?

39. Do you ever fake orgasm? During which sexual activities? How often? Under what conditions?

40. Do you think your vagina and genital area are ugly or beautiful? What other parts of your body do you like or dislike? Are you comfortable naked with another person? Do you worry about how your body looks?

41. What would you like to try that you never have? What would you like to do more often?

42. Describe how most men (and women) have had sex with you.

43. How have these experiences influenced your current thinking or sexual behavior? Did you have any one experience that drastically affected your sex life?

44. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience? What were they? With yourself? With another person? How old were you when you had your first orgasm? During what activity? At what age did you first look carefully at your vagina and genitals?

45. What is your age and background – occupation, upbringing, education, race? Do you usually live alone or with someone you have sex with? Where did you obtain the questionnaire?

46. Do you usually prefer sex with men, women, either, yourself or not at all? Why? Which have you had experience with and how much? Was it mostly long- or short-termed relationships?

47. What do you think about the «sexual revolution»?

48. Do you feel that sex is in any way political?

49 . Do you think «sex» as we usually define it is a conditioned response? That is, do we act in ways, that, had we not been taught them since childhood, we would not consider «natural»?

50. What changes would you see as leading to a better sexuality or physical expression? In other words, in the best of possible words, what would sex be like?

51. Have you read Masters and Johnson’s recent studies on sexuality? Kinsey’s? Others? What did you think of them?

52. Please add anything you’d like to say that wasn’t mentioned.

53. Why did you answer this questionnaire (thank you) and how did you like it?

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